Bonjour NY has been great for our daughter! The camp has a primarily native French speaking staff, and they dote on their campers. The staff is spirited and fun. Our daughter, who can be very shy, blossomed around these kind and thoughtful adults. She learned a great deal of French this summer and even now, several weeks later, uses it at home.

My kids love Bonjour NY! They are doing so many things (games, trips, art activities while speaking French) and they are not aware (at all) that at the same time they are learning and working on their French! The counselors are great and caring. We’ll do it this year AGAIN!!

My daughter, now five, begged to go back to Bonjour NY with Val. She went last year and attends PS 84. We parents, thought a change of location would be good. Noooo, it was such fun to play water games with Val! She loves the crafts and the songs. It is a fun, warm and caring atmosphere. Val is wonderful with the kids and she is the only camp counselor who understood my parental concerns of sunblock and being sure she ate lunch, instead of just chatting. French? Yes, all of the counselors stuck to speaking it, translating where needed, and encouraged the kids to reply in French. My daughter came home happy and tired every day. She will do the same this summer!
Hannah H.

Milo and Esme went to Ria’s French camp last summer and loved it — they met kids form all over the city, played new games, learned about French culture from many different French speaking countries, and of course, spoke French! We’re looking forward to doing it again this year. Merci, Ria!

Our son (age 6) had never taken part in any camp before and was apprehensive about going. After day one he was counting the hours till he could go back to have fun with Ria – he had an absolute blast! Looking forward to sending his 4 year old brother along with him this summer too!!

Joseph loved being in French camp this year. He enjoyed all the activities, and it certainly helped to improve his French skills in a fun and exciting way. He’s already looking forward to signing up again in 2011! Thanks, Ria and staff.

My son, August had such a fun time at Bonjour NY camp the summer before he started kindergarten that it made all the difference in transitioning to the DLP program.

Our 6-year-old son had an amazing experience at Bonjour NY French Summer Camp. Ria, Souhel, and all of the camp counselors were warm, caring, professional educators who always found fun and creative ways to teach the children the French language and culture. Our son came home every day with a smile on his face, and we were happy that he had such a fun camp experience and learned so much in the process!
Leanne & Andy

I was so happy to find this unique camp. My son was about to start in the French dual language program at PS 84 and I wanted him to get comfortable in a French-speaking environment. The four weeks of camp were really helpful and he has really flourished in the dual language classroom this year. We will definitely attend the camp again this summer.