Learning French with Bonjour NY is a “great” experience our students “look forward to all week” and through which they “improve dramatically!” Our students love their time with us all year round in French courses and at our French Summer Camp because we provide a unique and effective linguistic experience for both adults and children.

Our distinctive pedagogical philosophy is based on a total-immersion model. Our staff of dedicated teachers uses fine-tuned techniques to effectively support students and remain comprehensible while challenging learners to creatively problem-solve and negotiate meaning entirely in French. Drawing from research in cognitive linguistics, we develop our lessons with an eye towards making the learning experience as engaging as possible. Students do much more than simply conjugate verbs on a blackboard. From day one, they use the language to communicate with their peers in real-life situations.

We can’t wait to show you what it’s like! We offer four different ways for you to enrich your linguistic and cultural expertise. Click on the one that interests you to learn more.