Bonjour NY is the perfect place for high school and college students; but, also for teachers and youth educators that are highly energetic and love to work with children

  • Bonjour NY offers you the opportunity to fine tune your French.
  • To gain a valuable language teaching experience.
  • To gain leadership experience.
  • Potential of growth within the company from year to year.
  • Spend your summer outdoors exploring NYC in a fun environment.

Camp counselor (Ages 17+)

  • Camp counselor + CPR
  • Camp counselor + Lifeguard/WSI
  • Assistant Camp Director
  • Camp director

We have two campuses in New York City. One in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn.

HOT!!! temperatures get quite high in NYC in the summer and average 25°C (76°F)

BNY comes from a summer camp heritage and French teaching heritage combined. Each summer, young children ages 3.5 to 11 join us for a summer camp experience all in French. Campers are fully immersed in a French speaking environment: all activities and games are conducted in French. Campers receive individual and small group in-depth French instruction in a wide range of activities. They try new activities, increase skill levels, build self-confidence and have great fun!

Campers are between 3.5 yo and 11 yo. Many campers already know French, others are beginners. BNY campers mostly come from NYC. Campers are usually good natured, fun, and well-rounded kids.

All staff are responsible for the general health and welfare of our campers, and the care of facilities and equipment. Staff is also responsible for ensuring that all campers are having a fun summer. BNY staff must be strong role models and set a positive example in their groups. Counselors participate in all day-to-day activities (including swimming), and supervise clean up and meals. Counselors also work in their specialty area, whether teaching, or support staff duties. BNY staff also help run special events or evening programs as needed.

  • Be highly energetic and able to perform physical activities( running, swimming…)
  • Be fully fluent in French
  • Have some experience working with children
  • Have Good work ethic (punctual…)
  • Work well under pressure
  • Know how to work with/handle children (solve arguments, maintain discipline…)
  • Be ready to get dirty and have fun daily

A Camp season at BNY runs for 9 weeks Monday to Friday. Counselors work Monday to Friday from 8 am to approximately 5:30pm. All staff members must attend the pre-camp training.

Come to camp dressed in athletic attire or any attire that will give you the most comfort (sneakers, shorts). BNY will provide you with 5 T-shirts to wear daily to camp. Staff members are also expected to bring swim attire daily.