Upper West Side, near Central Park: Schechter Manhattan 805 Columbus Ave.

Lower Manhattan/TriBeCa: German School Manhattan, 74 Warren St.

Downtown Brooklyn: A. Fantis, 195 State St.

At each location, each language camp has 2–3 classrooms, grouped by age. There are 12–16 campers (depending on age group) in each classroom with 2–3 counselors (depending on age group). Our total ratio across the camp is is 1 adult for every 5 children.

Yes, it’s possible. As long as the campers are the same age and have the same or a similar level in French. Please make sure to mention it in your registration form under the question “friends at camp”. We will always do our best, but we cannot guarantee that children will always be grouped with their friends.

Not at all! To get the maximum benefit of language acquisition, we encourage 5–8 weeks of immersion. Socially, however, we have children starting camp every week of the summer. Every week has a different theme and brings with it new surprises and new campers. Every Monday begins with special activities designed to break the ice and reshuffle the group dynamic. We have always offered flexible enrollment, and pride ourselves on how included our new campers feel!

Bonjour Language Camps are full immersion camps. We speak the target language 95% of the time. We take every possible opportunity to immerse our campers in the target language and encourage campers to interact in the language with us and with their peers. Campers are motivated to use the language because our inspiring, animated counselors lead activities using the language and make sure campers are practicing and getting more comfortable speaking by the day. When do we not use the target language? When it is essential that campers understand every word we say (for safety, or to tend to campers in distress or conflict), we use English.

Not at all! Our counselors are trained in immersive methods, which means they use lots of nonverbal communication while they speak to support meaning. Children pick up language very quickly in an immersive setting. For our targeted language practice sessions using QTalk, we work with campers in small groups according to their language level: beginner, intermediate, advanced/fluent. Using this method, beginners begin speaking in complete simple sentences right away.

Yes! Our counselors are trained in immersive methods, which means they communicate with advanced/fluent speakers using more sophisticated language. This language is also highlighted for practice during activities and conversations. In 2–3 targeted language practice sessions per day, we work with campers in small groups according to their language level: beginner, intermediate, advanced/fluent, in which fluent speakers practice more sophisticated grammar and learn more nuanced vocabulary.

Yes, children must be potty trained to attend camp.

Your child will receive 5 camp T-shirts on their first day of camp (purchase extra camp T-shirts here/TBA). They should wear a camp T-shirt, comfortable shorts, and sneakers (or closed-toe shoes they can run in). No flip flops, slides, or other shoes that do not allow for walking to and from the park and running at the park.

Please provide your child daily with the following items: lunch, water bottle, swimwear, towel, sunscreen, hat that protects from the sun, and a just-in-case change of clothes (ages 3.5–6). Purchase a BLC camp kit here/TBA to outfit your camper with everything they need!

No. We provide snacks, but campers should bring their own lunch daily. We have an outdoor picnic lunch almost every day.

We typically serve the following items for snack: fruit (apple slices, bananas, applesauce), cheese, crackers, yogurt, pretzels, goldfish, bagel crisps, popcorn

We take many water breaks throughout the day. The Bonjour Language Camps staff makes sure every camper drinks plenty of water all throughout the day. We ask campers to bring water bottles and we refill them as necessary. When on trips, we use water fountains and travel with water coolers for the campers.

No. We have more than adequate staff in every group to ensure our campers’ safety on camp trips. Bonjour Language Camps provides high counselor to camper ratios to assure optimum safety and supervision.

You may switch your weeks around, provided there is space. Desired changes are not guaranteed.

Payments are refundable on or before May 1, minus a 5% administrative fee deducted at the time of refund. After May 1, camp registration is nonrefundable. Camp credit may be given in cases in which attendance was blocked by unforeseeable events. If your child is required to attend summer school, we will make a refund exception, provided we receive a written request at least 7 days before your child’s camp start date.

We have an amazing staff of caring and well-vetted young people from all over the world, many of whom have been with us for years. All Bonjour Language Camps staff members are speakers of French, Spanish, and Mandarin – most are native speakers. Our counselors have worked with children in various capacities (schools, daycares, camps), and are teachers, coaches, artists, actors, etc. What unites our team is not just our ability to speak French, Spanish, or Mandarin, but our genuine love for children and our dedication to making sure our campers have the time of their lives at camp.

The deadline is May 31; sooner is even better!

If your child needs you to stay a little longer on the first day of camp, you are welcome to do so. We ask you not to stay for longer than 30 minutes, because this could make the adjustment more difficult. A staff member will be there to take over and ensure a smooth transition.

Yes, during Open House events. If you miss them, we might be able to arrange a quick tour at a different time, please contact our office at 646 974 9220.

No, there are no extra costs or hidden fees beyond payment for the session, however, we do offer a variety of add-ons in the form of special activities that enrich the camp experience. For example, families may elect to add on private language lessons or fluency practice sessions, STEM lessons in the target language, and other lessons (TBA). You may also add on extended hours and bus transportation to and from camp.

Yes, we send an update email each week which summarizes the campers’ activities. We also send a link to view weekly pictures to our campers’ families.