“Our son (age 6) had never taken part in any camp before and was apprehensive about going. After day one he was counting the hours till he could go back to have fun with Ria – he had an absolute blast! Looking forward to sending his 4 year old brother along with him this summer tool!”


A Unique Experience

It’s almost impossible to explain the experience of being a camper at Bonjour | Hola | Ni Hao NY. It really is the way life should be for kids- an absolute blast where kids enjoy learning and are welcomed for who they are.

What makes us unique or amazing, or wonderful, or life-changing – all words our campers & families have used to describe Bonjour | Hola | Ni Hao NY, what makes us the place you should send your kids is much deeper than the right location, schedule or activities. We do have tons of activities – from all the classics to modern ones like “Robotics” and “Glee”. But what’s much more important is the atmosphere – the people, and the way we are deep down.

Bilingualism: Give Your Child an Edge

Camp is important in our children’s life. It teaches children lifelong valuable social skills and confidence. Camp is about experiences, challenging ourselves to try a new activity, making new friends, playing in the sun, learning how to swim, and more.

Well, your campers do get all of the above at Bonjour | Hola | Ni Hao NY. And they get even more; they also learn French, Spanish, or Mandarin. There is no doubt that learning a foreign language at a young age gives our children an edge. While learning through immersion is the most efficient way to learn a language, how can one possibly create a language immersion environment while being in NYC? Well, as hard as this challenge might seem, it can be done. We, at Bonjour | Hola | Ni Hao NY, create the perfect full language immersion environment for our campers to learn a new language without leaving NYC.

Our program is unique, while focusing on outdoor experiences and building confidence and friendship, we take the pressure off the efforts required to learn French, Spanish, or Mandarin. This way, we create the perfect environment for our campers to significantly improve their target language while focusing their attention on what’s most important to them: having fun, making friends and exploring. We help prepare your children for the many opportunities they will get in life with the additional language and social skills they acquire at Bonjour | Hola | Ni Hao NY.

Great Camp, Great Staff

We have an incredibly close-knit and inclusive community. Campers are welcomed for who they are and rewarded daily for their efforts and contributions to our group. In today’s world of text messaging and video games, we continue to maintain a human atmosphere of healthy connections and real communication. It’s unequaled in promoting social skills and teaching kids to get along with each other (which may be the most useful skill of all), and of course it’s a tremendous amount of FUN!

We have an amazing staff of caring and well-vetted young people from all over the world, many of whom have been with us for years. All of our staff members are fluent French, Spanish, or Mandarin speakers, many are native speakers. We count teachers, sports coaches, artists…in our team. What unites us all is not just our ability to speak French, Spanish, or Mandarin but our genuine love for children and our dedication to make sure our campers have the time of their lives while at Bonjour | Hola | Ni Hao NY.