A letter from Bonjour’s new owner-director

Dear Bonjour NY Friends and Families:

This past June, I acquired Bonjour NY from Ria Aichour, whom I have known professionally for almost 10 years. A few summers ago, Ria called me up and told me that she was preparing to sell Bonjour NY. Knowing me well, and knowing the philosophy of the French and Mandarin immersion school I founded in Brooklyn in 2011 (Science, Language & Arts International School), she said she wanted me to take Bonjour over from her and continue its vision. (We are pictured above, toasting the transfer of ownership!)

I knew I was inheriting a well-run and successful camp that aligns with my educational vision and entrepreneurial background, but I did not know how much I would enjoy working with the stellar team Ria built, and did not foresee all the possibilities for expanding the vision that would become apparent as I learned the Bonjour ropes from Gabriel Torres and Awantz St. Fleur, our core team.

Now I would like you, our Bonjour families, to be the first to hear about our new initiatives and plans for expansion. The original vision for a camp that combines language immersion with FUN still remains very much at the core of Bonjour. We are now preparing to launch two additional languages, Spanish and Mandarin, and add a third camp location in Manhattan (stay tuned for the exact spot!). With these initiatives, we are able to serve the growing demand of families who want their children to have a wildly fun summer camp adventure while benefiting from a rich immersive experience.

Within the next few days and weeks, you will receive more specifics about the new languages and our newest site. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions or just to say hello. I am excited to continue to get to know the Bonjour Community!

My warmest,

Jennifer Wilkin
Owner and CEO, Bonjour NY
and Founding Director, Science, Language & Arts International School

“Milo and Esme went to Ria’s French camp last summer and loved it — they met kids form all over the city, played new games, learned about French culture from many different French speaking countries, and of course, spoke French! We’re looking forward to doing it again this year. Merci, Ria!”


Great Staff, Great Camp

Counselors play a key role in making Bonjour NY a safe, fun and exciting place for campers. With a staff of 1 counselor to every 5 campers, Bonjour NY has an excellent ratio to provide each camper with the attention and care they deserve.

From our experienced and talented year-round team, to our summer staff made up of teachers, education school grads, school and college athletic coaches and artists, we take care in finding the most qualified and dedicated people to become counselors and instructors at Bonjour NY. All of our staff members are fluent French speakers, the majority are native French speakers and come from various Francophone countries (France, Belgium, Senegal, Haiti…) while several others are Americans fluent in French.

What unites us all is not just our ability to speak French but our genuine love for children and our dedication to make sure our campers have the time of their lives while at Bonjour NY French Immersion Summer Camp..

“Joseph loved being in French camp this year. He enjoyed all the activities, and it certainly helped to improve his French skills in a fun and exciting way. He’s already looking forward to signing up again next summer! Thanks, Ria and staff.”