We are closely monitoring developments related to COVID-19. When we share information with the Bonjour NY | Hola NY | Ni Hao NY community, we will also post it here.

A Message From Local Summer Camps & Programs

We are the owners of some of your favorite NYC camps and summer programs.  We have come together to support each other during these strange times and now we are asking for your support as well.

We Ask For Your Patience

We can all agree that this is definitely not the spring we had planned.  By now we hoped to be printing scripts, sorting supplies, hiring counselors and otherwise prepping for another incredible summer.  However, instead we find ourselves seeking guidance from the CDC, the DOH, and other city agencies as to whether we’ll be allowed to operate in person, let alone as normal.  

But these answers are not yet available, so we are asking for your patience as we wait for further direction.  You should know that we are all very busy making plans for what our programs might look like this summer under new protocols and restrictions.  Some camps may be able to operate outside only in small pods.  Some may be able to run with limited enrollment and safe social distancing.  However, many have made the decision to move online or will likely make that decision soon in order to keep children and staff as safe as possible. In the end, we all just want to deliver the best possible experience we can for your children, given the new parameters. 

We Ask For Your Support

We want to remind you that we are all small businesses, trying to survive on very small profit margins.  We have started our programs for the love of what we do and the joy they provide to children. Not being able to open at all this summer will mean not just heartache, but also for many of us, the end of our businesses.  Businesses that have been around for decades.  Our only hope at this point is that by running modified versions, along with your support, we’ll be able to stay afloat enough to open again next summer.  Here’s how you can help us:

Sign up for our new summer options!  Like we said, we love hanging out with your kids! We want to engage them, teach them, and make them laugh!  Sure, it’s not going to be the same as past summers, but it’s still going to be great!   This isn’t just about us – collectively we employ thousands of people who rely on these jobs and we want to continue to support them.

Accept a credit or donate your camp fees.  While we understand the city’s shutdown has left many parents in dire financial status, most camps simply can not afford to give refunds to everyone and still have enough left to open this summer.  Supplies have been purchased, staff employed, rents paid.  So if you can afford to do so, please accept a credit and use it this summer or for future programs.  Or even donate it back to the camp itself.  

Think locally.  Please remember that these businesses are an integral part of the local community.  We are your neighbors.  We provide jobs to so many in the neighborhood.  We have donated to your children’s school auctions, fairs and fundraisers consistently.  So when considering options for this summer, please choose us!

Spread the word!  Please share your favorite programs with friends.  Your child will love seeing their besties again.  Signing up for a virtual program?  Coordinate with the cousins across the country or reunite with old friends who relocated to the suburbs!  We would love to see all of you!

We Thank You

Thank you for your loyalty, for your support, and for your confidence in us throughout the years.  We love being a part of your lives and hope to continue to do so far into the future. 

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